Word list: W

wave, waver, waive, waiver

Sometimes confused.

Wave (noun or verb) refers to a movement of the hand in greeting or signal, or to an item moving to and fro. You can wave your hand. You can wave a flag. There are also waves in the sea, and sound waves and so on. The word wave can also mean a sudden occurrence of or increase in a phenomenon.

To waver means to be undecided or to quiver or flicker like a flame.

When you waive something, or agree to a waiver, this means that you give up your right or refrain from demanding compliance.


Not capitalised.

web page

Two words.


One word.


One word.


Not well-healed, unless you’re referring to recovery from an accident or illness.


See compass points.

whether, whether or not

“Or not” is usually redundant unless you mean “irrespective”. In the phrase “I haven’t decided whether to go out or not” the “or not” adds no meaning and you’d probably do better to write only “I haven’t decided whether to go out”. But you might write, “I have decided to go out, whether or not it’s raining.” In this case the “or not” is needed.


One word.

white paper

Two words.


Not capitalised.

Word [Microsoft]

Capital W.


One word.


One word.

World Wide Web

Three words, inital cap every word.

worshipped, worshipping

Double P.