About John Clifford

It’s my mission to help organisations save time and money while crafting right-first-time content that gets them deservedly perceived as trustworthy experts in their field. How? By adhering to an editorial style guide.

Working as a copyeditor on numerous projects for various clients, I found that many of them lacked adequate editorial style guides.

To address this, I would create a mini-style guide document for each project on the fly.

The clients I’ve worked with appreciated these guides because they helped in the development of consistent, high-quality written content while minimising the need for multiple editing rounds and debates over writing style.

These documents could be added to, updated, and reused for future projects – saving time and money and keeping content quality on track.


A natural-born stickler when it comes to grammar and spelling, I’ve worked for many years as an editor, proofreader, and writer – independently and for digital communications agencies, in particular IDX (formerly Investis).

My freelance editing assignments have ranged from straightforward proofreading of companies’ annual reports through to major structural editing such as rewriting thousands of words of copy written by non‑English subject-matter experts.

In addition, I’m a qualified French-English translator and translating was my main job for seven years.

Before that I worked for nine years with Ercol Furniture, in UK and export sales.

Some time before that, I started correcting people’s English when I was still in junior school, so I’m told.