If you contact me – by email, by using the contact form, or by telephone – I will collect whatever minimal personal information you provide. Generally just your name and contact details. And I’ll delete that data on request.

I won’t spam you or sell or share your personal data.

This website uses HTTPS/SSL security.

If you’re a lawyer specialising in GDPR, you’ll probably be able to tell me that this privacy statement is not legally adequate. But there again, if I copied and pasted a templated set of words like many website owners, that probably wouldn’t survive a determined legal challenge either.

I’ll update this page with all the proper legalese if and when I start a subscriber list. For now, however, I think this will do. Call me old‑fashioned, but I believe in common sense and trust.

Oh, and by the way, this website doesn’t use cookies.

If you’ve read this page, congratulations. You’re in a tiny minority.

John Clifford