Word list: T


One word, when used as a noun or adjectival noun, as in a takeover bid.

take pride

See pride.

TaxPayers’ Alliance, the

terms and conditions

Not terms & conditions.

third party

Not 3rd party; and hyphenated if used as an adjective, as in a third-party agreement.

toothcomb, fine

See fine-toothed comb.

tortuous, torturous

Torturous means painful (think of torture); tortuous means twisting and turning, or lacking a direct approach. The words tend to get confused, especially when either meaning might apply, as in “the right honourable member gave a tortuous [and possibly torturous] speech”.


One word, no hyphen.


It’s not really a countable noun, so avoid writing “a training” or “trainings”. Say something like “a training session” or “training sessions”.


Not hyphenated or capitalised.

try to

Not try and. (Let’s try to maintain a reasonable standard of grammar.)

Tube, the

Tube, to mean London Underground, always takes capital T.