Word list: H


No inital capital.


One word


The noun is one word, with no hyphen.


Not hair(-)brained.

historic, historical

Historic means famous or important in history, as in “a historic occasion”, whereas historical can refer to anything that occurred in the past. So it’s a historical share price, not a historic one (and certainly not an historic one).

There’s no need to say “an historic moment” (or an historic anything). It’s a historic moment. Possibly because many years ago the H of historic wasn’t aspirated, it was customary to write “an historic” and now there is a misconceived notion that “an historic” is the right way to describe something terribly important. It’s not.

hoard, horde

  • A horde is a crowd or a mob.
  • A hoard is an accumulated store of something, and the verb to hoard means to accumulate a store of something.

home page

Two words.

homogeneous, homogenous

The word is (or should be) homogeneous, not homogenous. That is, assuming you mean “of the same kind”, referring to a number of things or people with similar characteristics. Homogenous is an obsolete scientific term that referred to organs or body tissues with genetic similarities.

hone, home in

Sometimes confused. You can hone a blade: the verb means to sharpen and smooth. You can also hone your skills, figuratively. You can’t “hone in” on a thing. You can only home in on a thing.