Confusing words

Confusing words: K

Would you say kudos are due? You shouldn’t.

Kudos is a word of Greek origin originally meaning “praise and honour received for an achievement” and now also used in a looser sense to mean compliments or congratulations. It’s singular. You can only have kudos. Although some dictionaries recognise the singular form “kudo” as a valid back-formation, in reality you’ve either got kudos or you haven’t: you can’t very well have one kudo.

Actually, arguably, you can: kudo is the name of a Japanese martial art that combines karate and judo. Kudo is also an alternative (perhaps incorrect) spelling of kudu, a kind of antelope from eastern Africa that got its name from the Xhosa language via Afrikaans and means something like zebra-deer. But these words are nothing to do with kudos in the sense in which it’s usually used.

Kudos is due to you for not saying “kudos are due”.

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